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By | December 12, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — On December 7, 2018 at the Loews Regency Hotel in San Francisco, The Academy of Supra-gingival Healthy Dentistry held its first Annual Meeting to a full room of over 70 dentist and dental professionals, all very excited to learn the latest on how, Supra-gingival Healthy Dentistry can provide truly healthier biocompatible dentistry for their patients.

Throughout the day, lectures were given by some of world’s most renowned dental professionals, such as Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz (Founder), Dr. Ray Bertolotti the guru of “adhesive dentistry, PHD, Dr. Steven Lynch whom lectures internationally on several dental subjects, Dr. Rene Kurtz previously a professor at USC School of Dentistry, Dr. Tom McDonald specialized in restorative and esthetic dentistry, and Dr. Patricia Ryan previously a professor at USC School of Dentistry. Lectures with researched-based content were given, and several live demonstrations using The Los Angeles Institute’s cutting edge audio visual technology. All of which highlighted the benefits of Supra-gingival Healthy Dentistry. A modality, or style, of dentistry which uses the latest researched knowledge on materials and innovative techniques, to very intentionally preserve tooth structure and keep restorations above the gum line. A more biocompatible option, which preserves and protects not just oral health, but overall health.

The attendees of the meeting learned that truly healthier dentistry can be provided to patients if the following steps are followed:

  1. Acknowledge that the importance of providing healthy, biocompatible dentistry, and the literature evidence that many restorative procedures & materials contribute to chronic inflammation, major contributors to aging and disease.
  2. Keep restorative margins supra-gingival.
  3. Use material which are more biocompatible.
  4. If necessary do biocompatibility testing
  5. Decrease use of RCT by performing supra-gingival-minimally invasive dentistry.
  6. Learn more about amalgam removal, fluoride & other trending subject, to educate patient who may have been misinformed by “non-evidence based providers”, visit: https://www.healthydentistry.org/inflammation-and-biocompatible-dentistry/

Dentist attending the event showed great excitement and satisfaction, such as Dr. Roland Wilson, from Madison Wisconsin, who said, “I left with more material from 7 hours of lectures and demonstrations, than I have gotten from 2-3 day hands on courses.” The event was full of many highly respected dental professionals. Amongst them was Dr. Wendell Robertson DDS, from Utah and co-founder of the Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry.

The Academy of Supra-gingival Dentistry is constantly working to educate dentist and patients alike, on the benefits of Supra-gingival Healthy Dentistry. Dentists have a chance to learn more throughout the year about Supra-gingival dentistry through lectures and workshops. To learn more click here: https://www.HealthyDentistry.org/. Stay social with us and follow us on our Instagram @academy_of_healthy_dentistry and on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AcademyofSupragingivalhealthydentistry/

Roxana Moya, Event Project Manager
(818) 729-9121

SOURCE The Academy of Supra-gingival Healthy Dentistry

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