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Could Assisted Living Help Your Loved One Suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia?

When a parent or loved one gets on in age, the concern of who is going to help them and how becomes an ever-present worry. Perhaps the loved one in question is self-reliant and doesn’t require an ever-present caretaker to assist them. Maybe you were able to take on the responsibility of helping them out.… Read More »

New Eye Scan May Help Detect Alzheimer’s

Diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease is difficult. Brain scans and spinal taps can detect signs of the illness early but are impractical for screening millions of people. As a result, the disease is often diagnosed via memory tests or through the observation of behavioral changes, at which point the disease may be quite advanced. Now, according to… Read More »

Pennsylvania hospitals test new funding model to help with ongoing struggles

A handful of rural hospitals in Pennsylvania are experimenting with a new payment model they hope will keep them financially healthy, signaling a shift away from the traditional fee-for-service payment structure. Five hospitals throughout the state will be piloting a global budget model program, according to local news station WHYY. The program is starting with… Read More »