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Bianca Cheah Opens Up About Her Pregnancy Journey At 14 Weeks

This week, Sporteluxe founder, Bianca Cheah, announced that her and husband, Simon Chalmers are expecting—and to say that we’re excited here at Sporteluxe HQ is an understatement! Very soon there will be a little baby Cheah/Chalmers running around (keep an eye out for the gender reveal—we’ve already placed our bets!). As Bianca enters her second… Read More »

The Unexpected Journey

“How do I do this, and how can I make it to class if I cannot even make it through the front door. Open the car door, turn off the car, make sure you have wallet, keys, and hopeful demeanor.” December 8, 2018 by Brian Cardoza Leave a Comment The drive was pleasant, uneventful, and… Read More »