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‘I had fat freezing for my love handles and this is what happened’

Alexa Herbert tried a fat freezing CoolSculpting treatment at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic and, beauty expert Alice Hart-Davis quizzes Dr Tracy Mountford about the treatment as part of Healthista’s new Transformation Special series every Tuesday  [embedded content] I’m not exactly what you’d call overweight.  I’m 54 now and I’ve always been slim.  I’m 5ft 9’ and… Read More »

They Love You – In Their Own Way

“Well I don’t want to tell them how I want to be loved. They should know after all this time. If you have to ask, then it doesn’t count.” When I was a boy the conversation went something like this: “Mom, does dad love me?” “Of course he does son, in his own way.” “Then… Read More »