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Phishing aimed at payroll direct deposits also hits patient data

Wise Health System is notifying about 36,000 patients that their health information may have been compromised after several employees were victimized by a phishing attack. Also See: How regular phishing drills keep providers’ data safe At Wise Health, a three-hospital delivery system in the Fort Worth region of Texas, intruders obtained usernames and passwords and… Read More »

Chemo Tester Identifies Which Formulation Works for Each Patient

July 17th, 2019 Medgadget Editors Oncology, Pathology, Surgery Chemotherapy is challenging for patients, as it can be terribly brutal on their bodies, but also for physicians trying to figure out which medication to deliver. Now, a new device has been developed at Rutgers University that can test whether a given chemo agent works on a… Read More »