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Faith-Based HIV Program Launches in Tennessee for Blacks and Latinos

Thanks to a grant from the Tennessee Department of Health, a new faith-based program called Cempa Talks is launching in Chattanooga to address HIV disparities among the African-American and Latino communities. Funding was awarded to Cempa Community Care, formerly known as Chattanooga Cares, which offers HIV and sexual health services, education and advocacy. According to… Read More »

Blood Pressure for Black Men in Barbershop Program Stays Low

Earlier this year, Real Health reported on an health intervention implemented at barbershops that helped lower high blood pressure in Black men with uncontrolled hypertension after six months. Now, new findings published in the American Heart Association (AHA) journal Circulation reveal that the same program continued to significantly improve blood pressure among this population 12… Read More »

Geisinger unveils ProvenRecovery program for surgery patients which cuts down on opioid use, speeds recovery

Geisinger has announced a new “surgical redesign” program that seeks to speed up the healing process, improve pain management and cut down on opioid use.  Called ProvenRecovery, the program will be implemented across 42 surgical procedures impacting roughly 15,000 surgery cases annually. Geisinger said they hope to reach 100 surgical specialties by the end of… Read More »