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The Best Ways to Stay in Shape this Winter

— With colder weather approaching, motivation to go outside and participate in activities can get difficult. A lot of guys prefer to hunker down, throw something hearty in the crockpot for the day and hibernate like the other mammals. While this sounds amazing to most, it may not be the best thing for your health…or… Read More »

How to Stay Healthy on Long Road Trips  

Long road trips give you a sense of freedom and enable you to see all the marvels made by Mother Nature and human beings. Trips are fun and entertaining and give you a chance to escape the boring, repetitive schedule. However, you need to stay healthy when on long road trips and safe as well.… Read More »

Teens taking drastic measures to stay thin

Australian teenagers as young as 14 are taking extreme measures including vomiting or taking laxatives to control their weight. A new government study found while a very small minority of mid-adolescents met the criteria for anorexia or bulimia, significant numbers had taken action to try and control their weight. The Growing Up In Australia Longitudinal… Read More »