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Recommended time between smear tests could increase thanks to HPV test

Smear tests remove a sample of cells from the cervixLalocracio/Getty By Clare Wilson A new approach for cervical cancer screening set to begin this year in the UK could let women safely wait longer between tests. Existing forms of screening, sometimes known as the smear or pap test, involve brushing some cells from the neck… Read More »

Fine dining is alive and well in NYC, no thanks to influencers

Fine dining, pronounced dead time and again, is enjoying a golden age in New York — but don’t tell the Instagram-obsessed, wannabe-foodie “influencers.” On social media, the dining aesthetic tends to favor radioactive-bright dishes and “casual” (i.e., inept) service over food that tastes good and staff who know what they’re doing. But damn the supposed… Read More »

Carrie Underwood Accidentally Dropped $600 on Makeup Thanks to Pregnancy Insomnia

Getty ImagesKevin Mazur Even if you haven’t given birth to a baby before, you’ve likely heard about the sleep deprivation that comes along with being pregnant. Whether it’s life’s way of preparing you for minimal sleep you’ll be getting once the baby comes or something else, a full eight hours, especially in the third trimester,… Read More »